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Our tools & resources are designed to teach you some of the skills we have learned from our years working with young people all over the world. 90% of GenZ do not live in America and the internet has shrunk the world. deep meaningful conversations with GenZers build connection and trust.

Gain Insight

Conversation is a way to understand someone better. In order to have this, we must replace assumptions with empathy. Find out what they truly think, feel, and believe. Discover what matters most.

Grow Together

Join a community of authentic Influencers. We value safety, compassion, encouragement, curiosity, honesty, transparency, and privacy. We are a global community, here to be the shoulders the next generation stands and the support they need to lead now.




This is an in-depth conversation about all things GenZ. We share our perspective on the ways you can gain influence and a meaningful connection with them. Our desire is that as you listen you will find value in the things we are communicating and that it might help you with the GenZers you care about. We have a diverse audience and that’s because we avoid no topic and keep it 100% real always. Our audience will hear “the other side” of an issue and hopefully gain respect and a fresh perspective.



The RLTK Episodes will give you more detailed and nuanced insights into how GenZ is wrestling through their beliefs and how they are processing the most important topics like sex, relationships, depression, race, and many more.


Conversation Kits

These are shareable resources that you can use to have conversations in whatever space you choose. You can also share your insights in the comments section of the app and help everyone continue to learn and grow.



You can make this app your very own! Build a tribe and lock arms in solidarity with people that will encourage you on your journey.



We have curated a library of spiritual resources from spiritual leaders, teachers, coaches, therapists, and many other influencers. The one thing they all have in common is their life of faith. They will challenge you to become the best version of yourself and for us, faith is a necessary ingredient for that.


Absolutely Free

This app is 100% free and is kept that way by financial support from our users. If you like the content and can afford to give something great! If not, we never want that to be an issue. For those that have means, we invite you to consider becoming one of our founders.


GenZ is like no generation that has existed before it. They are the most well informed and well-connected generation in history. Many of the most recent movements seen around the world have been led by young people. They are a revolutionary generation and they are posed to change the world. They have seen the world for what it is and they care about fixing it. We want to come alongside Gen Z and offer wisdom and different Perspectives to go along with their passion. If these two things can meet, it is the recipe we need to see our world change!


GenZ needs mentors, real ones, that care and will walk through life with them. They see social media apps and other digital platforms as more than just a place to share pictures and information. They see it as a way to organize to accomplish good deeds. They are a generation of do-gooders that want to change the world. But they need wisdom and they need real love to prepare them for the road. This is why they need influencers. Together, we will all see the change we desire.


If we don’t do something to bridge the generational gaps between us and GenZ we will lose them. GenZ cares about justice, and there isn’t a lot of that in our world today. They want to act, but they need help and support to do so. If they act on their own, they will do so without the wisdom of those who came before them and maybe doomed to make the same mistakes.


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